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2014 Meeting Minutes

January 21 Meeting Minutes

The S.A.A.R.C. meeting of January 21, 2014 was called to order a few minutes after 7:00pm by Vice-president Ralph, NO8W.  He started the meeting by inquiring about Cliff, KC8NVI.  DeWayne, KC8LJX, mentioned that Cliff was getting better and sounded good on the Saturday night Dip Net.  Ralph inquired about how Maxine, KC8WXN, was progressing with her back surgery.  DeWayne said she's back home after being in Traverse City for eight days.  Today was the first day back home from the hospital and she is getting better.  She is getting around and is able to move about in the house.  Ralph said we welcome her back and wish her well.  A reminder that club dues are needed now in January.  Members are encouraged to pay their dues.  Maxine will take her time in recovering and she will accept any dues that are paid.

The Treasurer's report said there was $79.83 in the saving account.  There is $443.00 in the checking account for a total of $522.83.  $36.80 was spent for stamps and envelopes for mailing notices to members of the club.

Bill Dunstan, KD8CNS, mentioned the Gaylord club is having a radio class for new Technicians class license.  Any persons interested in attending can contact Bill for more information.

Ralph mentioned more interest in club attendance could be created if the meetings were slanted to a more social aspect.  Membership could be increased if a new location was found.  A new meeting location was suggested at J. W. Filmore's restaurant in Petoskey.  This would offer an opportunity for comradery and to 'sit around and talk'.  Several suggestions were made to which month to start.  Ralph mentioned he would inquire about obtaining a room at Filmore's restaurant.  Ralph said he would email a notice and interested people could reply a message back to him.  An earlier time was suggested as this would be a good location to have something to eat and have a meeting.  Ralph will inform people of the exact time being either at 6:00pm or 6:30pm.  The meetings are open to all club members, radio amateurs and spouses are welcome to attend.

Chuck Scott, N8DNX, reported the 68 repeater is 'working fine' and 'sounds good'.  He mentioned he also worked on the UHF part last weekend.

Ralph mentioned the club is operating with last year's officers.  He said he would conduct meeting sessions thru April.  He also inquired if anyone had any interest in conducting meetings for the club.

Ralph mentioned the time had arrived to adjourn and we should have beverages to drink and lemon bars & cookies to eat.  The meeting did adjourn at 7:42pm.

Submitted by
Dave Burns


February 18 Meeting Minutes

The S.A.A.R.C. meeting of February 19th. was called to order a few minutes after 7:00pm by Vice-president Ralph, NO8W, at Filmore's Restaurant in Petoskey.  Ralph introduced Glen Plank as a new guest.  Ralph thanked everyone for a good turn out.  A point was mentioned about maybe rotate the meeting locations.  There was some discussion about having the next meeting at the Petoskey High School.  Chuck Scott, N8DNX, mentioned rotating the possible meeting locations to Indian River or to Alanson.  Ralph will inform the club and people of the next location and meeting time.

The Treasurer's report by Maxine, KC8WXN, said expenses were $39.20 for stamps and $4.00 for envelopes for a total of $43.20.  The saving account has $5.00 and the checking account has $584.55 for a total of $589.55.  Membership dues collections was $200.00.  $584.55 minus expenses of $43.20 gives $541.35 plus $200.00 in dues which gives a final total of $741.35.

Ralph mentioned the election of officers was still pending.  He inquired if anybody would take over conducting the meetings?  He mentioned snow & weather were a factor if he would be here to manage the meeting in April.

Chuck Scott, N8DNX, reported the 68 repeater sounds good and is working fine.  He has been working on the repeater for the last couple of months.

Ralph closed the meeting by thanking everyone for coming out.  He announced the March meeting will be at the Petoskey High School.  There was some discussion of the long walk into the high school.  A back door could be used for convenience.  Ralph inquired with a question as to rotation of locations if this would work for a meeting.  Ralph said he will check with Dirk, KG8JK, to see about options to a meeting room.  Ralph mentioned he hopes everybody can make it and be at the next meeting.  The meeting was closed by Ralph at 7:22pm

Submitted by
Dave Burns

March 18th Meeting Minutes

The S.A.A.R.C meeting of March 18, 2014, was called to order a few minutes after 7:00pm by Vice-President Ralph, NO8W.  He started the meeting discussing an up coming test session date.  Dirk, KG8JK, is looking for people to help administer the session.  Anyone interested in being a volunteer examiner for testing should contact Dirk.  Ralph mentioned he would be here for the April club meeting.  He also mentioned that from April on he would be heading south.  He inquired if Dewayne, KC8LJX, would conduct the meeting after April.  He did agree.  Next Ralph inquired about other club officers.  Maxine, KC8WXN, agreed to continue as club treasurer.  Dave, AA8XO, will also continue as secretary.  Ralph said the April meeting would be at the High School in Dirk's room.
Old Business
Ralph discussed changing the room for the club meeting.  He mentioned talking to Dirk about making a room change.  Other Old Business mentioned was the Dayton Festival is coming up.  Dirk is looking for riders to go with him.  Field Day is in June and Dirk is the contact person for that event.  Ralph said the Ski Warm Spotter Training is the Saturday weekend at the Petoskey Fair Grounds.  Ralph mentioned the club picnic is in August.  He said Maxine will be making the arrangements.
Maxine gave the Treasurer's report.  She said there was $5.00 in the savings account and $741.35 in the checking account for a total of $746.35.  Motion to accept the report by Jack, KB8RJ, and seconded by Rick, KC8TU, and the motion was carried.
Rick, KC8TU, gave a brief report on the status of the 68 repeater and the tower.  He said we will be able to keep our spot on the tower.  He also discussed the Gaylord repeater.  It was mentioned a sympathy card was sent to John Talboys, N8OR, in regard about his wife passing away.  Maxine conducted the 50-50 raffle and she was the winner.
Rick, KC8TU, made a motion to close the meeting and was seconded by Bernie, K8ZI, and the motion was carried.  The meeting ended at  7:35pm.
Submitted by
Dave Burns

April 15th Meeting Minutes

The S.A.A.R.C. meeting of April 15, 2014 was called to order a few minutes after 7:00pm by Vice-President Ralph, NO8W.  He started the meeting by discussing information about the club web site updates,  Thank you to Chuck Scott for providing a web site where the club can post its meeting minutes.  Dayton is coming up and Chuck mentioned - - 'that's a good swap to go to.".  Several members are planning on going.   The Cadillac swap is at the high school on May 3rd.  Ralph mentioned DeWayne, KC8LJX, would conduct the May meeting which will be at the high school.   The club picnic will be the third Tuesday in August.  Maxine said she will mail cards out for the picnic.   More information will be available for clean up day in July.   Jack Staats,KB8RJ, will present a power point program at May 20th club meeting about DXing in St. Martin.  Contact Dirk, KG8JK, for more Field Day information.  There will be more discussion at the May meeting about that.

Chuck Scott inquired about how was the meeting accepted at the restaurant in February.  In general, very well accepted.  There was a suggestion that should be done again.

Maxine,  KC8WXN, gave the treasurer's report.  She said there was $5.00 in the saving account and $731.35 in the checking account giving a total of $736.35.  $9.80 in stamps was deducted. Motion to accept the report by Rick, KC8TU, and seconded by Bernie, K8ZI.  The motion was carried.  Maxine also inquired  if people would sign up to bring cookies in for the meeting.  A suggestion was made that people should donate a couple of dollars at the meeting per month for cookies.

A web site about R.F. interference was mentioned,

Motion to close the meeting by DeWayne and seconded by Chuck Scott.  The motion was carried and the meeting closed at 7:45pm.

Submitted by
Dave  AA8XO