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2013 Meeting Minutes

April 16, 2013 Meeting Minutes

The S.A.A.R.C. Meeting of April 16th was called to order a few minutes after 7:00pm by Vice-president Ralph, NO8W.  He started the meeting with discussion of the previous month's meeting.  Ralph mentioned that Cliff, KC8NVI, was getting around better and conducting nets on various bands.  Cliff hopes to be at the next meeting.  Ralph mentioned Dirk. KG8Jk, would conduct and set up  getting Field Day going again this year.  Ralph also discussed how to inspire people to attend our club meetings by calling on the telephone to remind members of the meeting time.  The Treasurer's reports said there was a balance $1 ,000.83 in the account.
New Business
Ralph announced the weather spotting training in Petoskey at the Fair grounds.  Contact Ralph for more information about the emergency group and all that is going on.  The May meeting will have a presentation of software definded radio.  Ralph announced the high school will be closed and that the club will be unable to use Dirk's room.  The suggestion was made we should meet at the college as was done last summer.  Ralph announced June 1st. and June 2nd. would be Museum Ship's weekend and licensed operators would be able to make contacts from the Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw.  Ralph asked if members would reply or echo back with their email to verify the correct email address.

The meeting continued with the program and slide presentation by Jack & Christina Straats showing their Dx-Pedition to Montserrat NA-103 which is located in the Caribbean.  Jack stressed working DX can be fascinating to do.

Maxine conducted the 50/50 and Rick, KC8TU, won the multi-test meter.

Motion by Rick, KC8TU, to close and adjourn the meeting and was seconded by Jack, KB8RJ


May 21, 2013 Meting Minutes

The S.A.A.R.C. meeting of May 21, 2013 was called to order at 7:03pm by Vice-president Ralph, NO8W.  He started the meeting acknowledging the membership for those responding for checking their email addresses via the Internet.  Ralph thanked Dirk for making room 106 available for the upcoming  June 18th club meeting .  Ralph mentioned the up coming ARRL (June 22nd-23rd) Field Day and to contact Dirk, KG8JK, for organizing and coordinating the event.  Ralph mentioned that there will be clean up and brush clearing at the repeater site scheduled for July 16th in place of the club meeting.  Check with Ralph for more details.  Maxine is sending out invitations in the mail for the annual club picnic scheduled for August 20th.  Ralph called on Chuck, N8DNX, to give a report on the Dayton Convention.

Ralph mentioned  there is a need to have an emergency network to test equipment for Sky Warn.  Contact Ralph for more details.

The Treasurer's report given by Maxine, KC8WXN, said last month's balance was $1,001.63.  There is $79.83 in the savings account and $706.05 in the checking account.  Maxine also reported a payment will be made of $189.75 for club insurance and $26.00 for stamps giving a total of $215.75 in expenses.  This leaves a balance for May of $785.88.  Motion by Rick, KC8TU, to accept the Treasurer's report and seconded by Chuck, N8DNX, and the motion was carried.

Bill, KD8CNS won the 50--50 raffle winner and returned the money back to the club.  Bill, also won the multi-test meter.  Motion to close the meeting by Maxine,KC8WXN, and seconded by Jack, KB8RJ.  The motion was carried and the meeting closed at 7:31pm.

Ralph made a presentation on "Cheap Software Defined Radio" on the overhead screen using a $20 USB dongle connected to his laptop.  More information can be found in the January  2013 QST issue or contact Ralph for a copy of the article about  Cheap SDR.

Submitted by
Dave  AA8XO